Classification européenne :  la psychothérapie comme profession autonome.

ESCO est la classification multlingues (26 langues!) reprenant les professions,compétences et qualifications au niveau européen. L’EAP discute directement avec les instances européennes en ce qui concerne la psychothérapie. La nouvelle classification sortira en 2018 et la psychothérapie y est annoncée comme une profession autonome et indépendante, ce qui va dans le sens de la Déclaration de Strasbourg !

Le texte provisoire portant sur le/la psychothérapeute est le suivant:

“ Psychotherapists assist and treat healthcare users with varying degrees of psychological, psychosocial, or psychosomatic behavioural disorders and pathogenic conditions by means of psychotherapeutic methods. They promote personal development and well-being and provide advice on improving relationships, capabilities, and problem-solving techniques. They use science-based psychotherapeutic methods such as behavioural therapy, existential analysis and logotherapy, psychoanalysis or systemic family therapy in order to guide the patients in their development and help them search for appropriate solutions to their problems. Psychotherapists do not have academic degrees in psychology or a medical qualification in psychiatry. It is an independent occupation from psychology, psychiatry, and counselling. “