Because we have members in the three Belgian communities; the Flemisch community, the French community and the German-speaking community and because the Professional Association is the Belgian representative of the European Association, we opt to communicate in English.

Brussels, January 2018

Dear ECP holder, Dear colleague,

First of all, as president of the ABP-BVP, I would like to congratulate you as an ECP holder or as a joined member. As you allready know, the ABP-BVP is the Belgian National Awarding Organisation (NAO) and the Belgian National Umbrella Organisation (NUO) for the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

One of the aims of the European Association for Psychotherapy is to establish an European Certificate of Psychotherapy (hereafter, the ECP), which will help ensure that psychotherapists are trained to the EAP’s standards and which will help guarantee the mobility of professional psychotherapists. This is in accordance with the aims of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the non-discrimination accord valid within the framework of the European Union (EU), and the principle of freedom of movement of persons and services.

However, having an ECP has some consequences:

* according to the Awarding Procedures; you need to be/stay member of your national NUO-NAO             On the recommendation of the appropriate National Awarding Organisation (NAO). The applicant needs to be a member of the NAO (or of an organisational member of the NAO) in their country…

* according to the Registration 7.4.; you need to be/stay member of your national NUO-NAO and fulfill your CPD:

7.4.       All registered practitioners (ERP) are required to be a member of a NAO or a suitable National or European Organisation linked to the EAP for quality assurance of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) (see blue frame below) and ethical practice. The details of the CPD requirements are the responsibility of the relevant NAO…

According to EAP’s regulations, the Belgian NAO-NUO, is responsible for the Belgian ECP-register, and needs to control the membership and CPD of his members, otherwise, an ECP would not have exclusive value.

In this way, invite you to initiate/renew your 2018 membership to the ABP-BVP.

The ABP-BVP will:

  • add you in her official register
  • add you on her membership list on her website
  • give positive advise to the EAP to extend your ECP Psychotherapist status

Dear colleagues, I hope you will then take action to (re)join us by paying the annual membership fee of a reduced 50,00 € (instead of 62,50 €) on account :

BE38 2100 6881 3872 – GEBABEBB

* please mention your name and your business registration number (earlier VAT nr., not bank account nr. : e.g. 0123.456.789)

After your payment, we will send you a personal membership card and an offical invoice.

Important: If you are a member of a professional association, ask whether your professional association already paid an ABP-BVP membership, because then you are automaticaly member of the ABP-BVP and you should not pay anything; ask them to send their most recent membership list where you are listed on.

Dear colleagues, I hope you will take action to (re)join us.

Kind regards,

Philippe Vrancken

president ABP-BVP

NAO-NUO for the EAP